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About the Student Learning Experience System (SLES)

The Student Learning Experience System (SLES) replaces the Student U-Life Record E-System (SURE) and the Student Development Portfolio (SDP) with effect from 29 December 2017 in recording students' participation in co- and extra-curricular activities (Definition ). All student activity records in SURE have been transferred to the SLES.

The SLES is designed to make it easier for students to manage their co- and extra-curricular activities. It also allows staff to analyse such activities and link to the existing student database containing student academic data more easily. Such analyses are very useful for the planning and evaluation of teaching and learning activities in the University. The SLES will continue to develop to include records of student achievement, hall residence, scholarship, etc. in future.

What can Students Do in SLES?

Enroll in co-curricular activities
Record extra-curricular activity records
  • CCL fulfilment record
  • participation records of co- and extra-curricular activities (including participation in university governance (e.g. committees, working groups), ambassador programmes, student union/societies)

Who can Access?

In addition to students, the SLES is accessible by academic and administrative colleagues who organise the activities; the student's academic advisor, supervisor (for RPg students), Head of Department and Dean; and other eligible users in the University.


Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us:
Technical Issues Activities and Participation Records
Service Call Centre of
Office of Information Technology
3411 7899
Refer to the “Enquiry” section for the organiser of the specific activity

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