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TuesDates- Game station (A2324SA-LQC0340)

Activity Session(s) 2023-11-21 17:30 - 2023-11-21 18:30
Venue: WLB301
Corresponding GA(s): Communication
Speaker: NA - Na
Organiser: SA-LQC
Enquiry: Miss Luna CHAN
Website: https://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/lqc/campus-integration/tuesdates
Registration Period: 2023-10-03 19:00 - 2023-11-21 16:00
Activity Description:
How would you show the number "six" with your hand gesture? Through mini-games, we could see how everybody doing something differently. Join the sessions to experience cultural differences in an interesting way! Bring home a relaxed mind and some snacks to prepare for the final exam.
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