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Mental Health First Aid Standard Course - Class A-Group 1 (20 & 27 Oct 2020) (CCL20210029)

Activity Session(s) 2020-10-20 10:30 - 2020-10-20 13:00
Venue: Online via Zoom
Language: Cantonese
Corresponding GA(s): Knowledge, Skills
Speaker: Mr. Lee Lok Tung - Registered Social Worker, Certified MHFA instructor / The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong
Organiser: Counselling and Development Centre
Enquiry: 3411 7435
Website: https://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/cdc/learning-and-development/mhfa
Registration Period: 2020-09-15 09:00 - 2020-09-22 18:00
Activity Description:
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an international certificate course, which was originally developed by the ORYGEN Centre of University of Melbourne in 2001. In this 12-hour certificate course, participants will learn how to provide initial help to people with developing mental health problems before professional treatment could be obtained.

On completion of the course, participants will receive a Mental Health First Aid certificate issued by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong. The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong is the organization authorized by the ORYGEN Research Centre of the University of Melbourne to issue the Mental Health First Aid certificate in Hong Kong.

Since 2008, the course has been launched in HKBU. Up to now, over 1200 students and staff members have been trained.

• Symptoms, causes and treatment: depression, anxiety disorder, psychosis and substance use disorder
• Possible crisis situation arising from these mental health problems
• Five first-aid actions and skills
• Resources available in HKBU & the community for professional help and self help

MHFA (Online Version)
In response to the COVID-19, MHFA will go online which includes two course components:

Course component 1 - Self-paced interactive eLearning (around 7 hrs)
Developing mental health problems covered:
• Depression
• Anxiety problems
• Substance use problems
• Psychosis

Mental health crises covered:
• Suicidal thoughts and behaviours
• Panic attacks
• Severe psychotic states
• Aggressive behaviours

Course component 2 - Instructor-led video conferencing (2.5hrs x 2 sessions)
This course component allows participants the opportunity to revise and consolidate practical skills in a group environment. It is designed to be delivered after participants have completed the eLearning component of the MHFA online course.

In this training, the focus is on the application of knowledge and skills learnt in the eLearning component. It provides the participants with the opportunity to:

• Revise the eLearning content and the MHFA Action Plan
• Clarify and points of uncertainty remaining after completion of the eLearning modulesp
• Apply the MHFA Action Plan to relevant scenarios
• Discuss and reflect ‘a where to from now’ in using mental health first aid skills

* The courses are fully-funded by UGC SEN Fund; programme fee therefore will be exempted.
Registration Description:

  1. The registration link will be activated 5 weeks prior to the video-conferencing group (two groups for each class with 12 places for each group).
  2. Successful applicants will receive notification email from our centre.  The applicant needs to reply us for confirmation before the deadline or the reserved place will be released to the waitlist.
  3. Those who have been successfully enrolled will receive the link of Self-paced interactive eLearning platform (Course component one) 2 weeks before the video-conferencing group.
  4. At last, the zoom link for Video-conferencing group will send to you after you have completed Self-paced interactive eLearning (Course Component one).

  1. 我們將於網上小組日期前五星期開放報名。(每班有兩個小組,每個小組名額12人,額滿即止)
  2. 成功登記報讀的學員將會收到本中心電郵,請於限期前回覆作實或由候補者取代。
  3. 網上小組開始前兩星期會收到「自主互動網上學習平台」的連結。
  4. 完成課程單元一「自主互動網上學習平台」的學員會收到網上小組(zoom)的網址。 
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