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Visual Journaling for Self-care: an Art Therapy Workshop (CCL23240036)

Activity Session(s) 2023-10-17 14:30 - 2023-10-17 16:30
Venue: AAB402K-L, Baptist University Road Campus
Language: English
Corresponding GA(s): Knowledge, Skills, Creativity
Speaker: Katie Flowers - Art Therapist
Organiser: SA-CDC
Enquiry: 3411 7435
Website: https://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/cdc/learning-and-development/workshop
Registration Period: 2023-10-03 09:00 - 2023-10-10 09:00
Activity Description:

Visual Art Journaling involves using ones inner wisdom to imagine what a thought, feeling or emotional reaction would look like if it were expressed as a colour, shape or image.  This workshop offers a process combining words and image making, which can be applied in many contexts. 

It helps you discover ways to take a “Time In” and access your own inner voice and a safe way to express personal material through guided hands on art making and personal reflection, pages are created in layers, the content does not have to be shared.  This process can help you gain personal insights, which in turn can inform your day to day self-care practice.
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