Real-time attendance tracking of HKBU activities* by scanning HKBU student card or event-based QR code.
* Supports SLES co-curricular activities only.

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Attendance Taking

Read Barcode/NFC on Student Card and event-based QR Code

Assign Helpers

Assign staff / students as helpers for attendance taking
(To be assign on SLES)


Real-time generated charts to share with others

Integrated with SLES

Data synchronized with SLES on a real-time basis


  1. Who can use the "Check-In" function in HKBU Mobile?
    University staff who are granted with Co-curricular Activity role in SLES can access function by login to HKBU Mobile with their SSOid. To learn more about SLES, please click here.

  2. What kind of activity does the "Check-In" function support?
    The function only supports taking student attendance at SLES co-curricular activities (both CCL and non-CCL). Staff attendance at these activities are not supported, but colleagues can enter the aggregate number of staff participants for record.

  3. How can I take attendance?
    To take attendance, you can scan the QR code sent to students in the activity confirmation email generated by SLES. You can also scan the barcode on the back of HKBU student card. If your Android device supports the HKBU student card’s NFC tag, you can take attendance by reading the HKBU student card using NFC capability. Please note that staff attendance taking is not supported at the moment.

  4. Can I assign student helpers or colleagues to take attendance?
    Student helpers and colleagues with SSOid can be assigned to take attendance using the "Check-In" function on HKBU Mobile through SLES on activity basis:
    SLES -> Co-curricular Activity -> Activity Attendance (click on "Attn." button of the designated activity) -> Manage Attendance Taker (top right)
    Input the SSOid who would be the attendance taker. You can manage the access right by limiting the access period of the attendance taker.

  5. Can I restrict the check in of students to those who have registered in the activity only?
    Yes, you can restrict your activity to check in students who have registered in the activity only by following the steps below:
    SLES -> Co-curricular Activity -> Activity Registration (click on "Reg." button of the designated activity) -> Only accept student(s) in the registration list to check in using the mobile app.
    By checking this box, students who are not in the registration list will not be able to check in by the mobile app.

  6. What activity will be shown on the app?
    All activities of your department are displayed.

  7. Are attendance record(s) being stored in the SLES?
    Attendance record(s) captured by the App are synchronized with the SLES for real-time update. Colleagues do not have to upload the attendance records to the SLES after the activity. No sensitive data is stored on your device.

  8. Can I record the activity attendance by both the mobile app and attendance file upload in SLES?
    Yes, you can.

  9. Can I take attendance using HKBU Mobile outside campus?
    Yes, you can. You can use HKBU Mobile anywhere with network coverage.

  10. I have already logged into HKBU Mobile and opened the activity page. Why can’t I find the button to take attendance?
    By using the mobile app, you can only take attendance from midnight (i.e. 00:00) on the activity start date till 12 hours after the activity has ended. Afterwards, you can update the attendance in the SLES.

  11. Does the "Check-In" function support attendance taking using multiple devices?
    Yes, it does. There can be more than one colleague/helper taking attendance of the activity at the same time.

  12. How many activity photos can I upload for each activity?
    Maximum of 3 photos can be uploaded to each activity.

  13. Why doesn’t the NFC button show up / is disabled?
    For Android users, please make sure you have enabled the NFC capability. Please note that only limited NFC-enabled Android devices support the NFC tag of the HKBU student card.
    For iPhone/iPad users, NFC functionality are not suppored. Therefore, you can’t use iPhone/iPad to take attendance using NFC capability. You can still use the scan barcode button to scan HKBU student card.

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